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Retailers are teaming up to reinvent single-use plastic bags

  • Walmart, Target and CVS have announced they are teaming up as big players in the retail industry to come up with a plan to reinvent single-use plastic bags

  • The 'Beyond the Bag' Initiative will be a joint effort to find a replacement to the more than 100 million plastic bags that are used in the United States each year

  • With $15 million invested, they are looking to entrepreneurs and inventors to pitch new ideas that will eventually enter a product accelerator knowing these retailers are eager for a solution

  • All three retailers have experimented with alternatives, but nothing has stuck. A plastic bag tax has deterred shoppers, but there is still no clear solution on how to walk away from them all together

  • “We have to approach this as an industry,” says Kathleen McLaughlin, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer at Walmart


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