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Back to school shopping will look different this year... but that isn't a bad thing

-While schools abruptly closed and went virtual at the end of this year, the uncertainty of what the Fall will bring has retailers scratching their heads

-Last year, consumer spending was expected to reach nearly $26.2 billion- about $696 per household. Although school isn’t canceled, the demand for this year is extremely unknown

-77% of parents and 85% of kids age 6-16 expect BTS to be the same, if not bigger, than last year while 88% of kids surveyed say they are looking forward to returning to the classroom

-As Gen Z kids become increasingly involved in the BTS decision making, parents are also considering different scenarios: such as more distance learning, increased need for hygiene products and supplies that previously were shared

-“Creating digital experiences is going to be very important {…} marketers will be looking much more closely at regional messaging across all channels”


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