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How will home retailers' shopping experience evolve with COVID-19?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Traditionally, consumers preferred to go into stores prior to making a big investment on a purchase, such as a couch. Amidst COVID-19, home retailers will have to rethink how they showcase their products and how they can ensure safety of employees and guests.

  • Home retailers will have to require workers to wear masks and gloves while encouraging guests to do the same, along with a potential for disposable covers that can be thrown away after each use- a cost that comes with the dynamic brick-and-mortar environment.

  • Some retailers are considering investing more in digital, and less in physical locations for the time being, until more clear trends can be established. This might take the form of some more innovative interactive experiences, like virtual home design consultations.

  • Several retailers have slowly begun to reopen physical stores, along with encouraging virtual/in-person appointments and shopping online.

  • Crate & Barrel has seen 50% of their sales come from online, and expect this shift of consumer spending to continue after the pandemic.


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